What is Bulk Email Checker?

Bulk Email Checker is a web application that can verify if an email address is real or fake. Anyone who sends emails regularly can benefit from using the system.

How does it work?

All email addresses are passed against a 17+ factor test. From being in a valid RFC compliant format and filtering duplicates to a deep cleaning SMTP test that is very accurate.

How can I verify emails?

The bulk verify system allows uploads of any plain text csv or tab delimited list of emails to be bulk verified or the Rest API can be integrated directly into your website or application.

How much does it cost?

While our competitors charge on average $0.01 per verification, we give at least 10 verifications for that same penny. Verify 10,000 email addresses for just $9.95.


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Email Checker

Bulk Email Verifier

The Bulk Email Verifier tool allows you to upload a plain text file such as a CSV or tab delimited list of email addresses to be verified. First the system will remove all duplicates from your list and verify emails are in RFC compliant format. Next all emails are filtered against a constantly updated list of 780+ disposable email providers and your accounts blacklisted addresses to remove any previously failed addresses for free. The system will also check for invalid dns entrys and filter role accounts. Last the system performs a deep cleaning SMTP test that will connect to the destination mail server and check if that mailbox exists and is able to receive mail.

Real-time Email Verification API

Lets face it, people misspell their email addresses and are completely unaware of it, resulting in a delivery failure due to a bounce or maybe even a spam complaint and you also just lost a potential customer for your business. What’s very interesting is most of these invalid email addresses are a result of simple misspelled domains such as “hotmail.con”, “gnail.com”, “yahoo.cmo”. Integrating the Email Verification API into your website or application can prevent these issues from ever happening by alerting the user there was an error and that they have entered an invalid email address.

Real-time Results

Integrating the Bulk Email Checker API endpoint to verify emails that are signing up to your account creation or opt-in forms can instantly decrease your confirmation email bounces by over 50%+. The Email Verification API performs the deep cleaning SMTP test as well as filters against disposable providers and your blacklisted addresses.

Real-time Email Verification
data security

Data Security

We understand your data is extremely important and security is at the top of our list. We use industry standard security practices to ensure your data is protected and secure. Bulk Email Checker is behind a Secure Socket Layer which means all data you transmit to the website is hidden behind 256 bit encryption. All imported lists that you upload to your account are stored in an independent container that only your account can access. Additionally all of your data on our servers is encrypted via our in-house 2 way encryption methods that ensure your data stays safe at all times by only allowing your account access, not even our staff can see your data.

Blacklist Tracking

Are you using MailChimp, Mailjet, Mailgun, Mandrill, Postmark or SendGrid to send emails? Each service seamlessly integrates with your Bulk Email Checker account to provide additional protection. When sending mail from these services any bounces, spam complaints, unsubscribers, basically anything harmful to your sender score is instantly added to your Bulk Email Checker blacklist to prevent the email address from making its way back into your clean lists ever again. If the user has a change of heart you can easily remove the blacklisted email from your control panel. The system will also keep track of any addresses you have verified as failed to ensure you are only paying to verify new never before seen email addresses. All blacklisted emails fail for free and will not consume any credits when verified.

Third Party Integrations
Google Sheets Integration

Google Sheets Integration

If you use Google Sheets to manage your spreadsheets, you can easily integrate Bulk Email Checker in a few quick steps. Our Rest API offers an XML response when requested which allows you to verify email addresses directly from within your spreadsheet on Google Sheets.

Wordpress Plugin

Prevent spam and lost customers in comment, user registration and contact forms using Bulk Email Checker’s WordPress Plugin. If you run a WordPress website you can seamlessly integrate our system within just a couple minutes. Never lose a valuable lead or customer again due to an incorrect email address being typed in. Alert the user to the invalid email at the point of contact before they ever leave your website.

Bulk Email Checker - Wordpress Plugin


10,000 Email Validations
  • 1 email = $0.00099
All payments are a one-time fee with no hassles, no contracts and no strings attached.
25,000 Email Validations
  • 1 email = $0.00095
All payments are a one-time fee with no hassles, no contracts and no strings attached.
50,000 Email Validations
  • 1 email = $0.00089
All payments are a one-time fee with no hassles, no contracts and no strings attached.
100,000 Email Validations
  • 1 email = $0.00075
All payments are a one-time fee with no hassles, no contracts and no strings attached.
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