Check if Email is Valid / Real

Check if Email is Valid / Real

Check if email is valid / real in real-time using our Free Email Checker Tool. You can quickly determine if an email address is valid and real or invalid and fake. The Email Checker tool performs an SMTP test which will connect to the destination mail server and run a certain set of commands to accurately detect both if the email address is valid and as well can receive email. It's not limited to just mailbox existence and accessibility either as it can detect all of the following common scenarios:

  1. Mailbox Exists: The tool has detected this email address is valid / real, as it exists and can receive email.
  2. Mailbox Does Not Exist: The tool has detected this email address is invalid / fake, as it does not exist so it can not receive email.
  3. Mailbox is Full: The tool has detected this email address is valid / real, however the mailbox is full so it can not receive email.
  4. Invalid Syntax: The tool will detect if the email address is in a valid syntax, according to RFC standards.
  5. Invalid Domain DNS: The tool has detected the domain either does not exist or it's DNS is misconfigured.
  6. Invalid MX DNS: The tool has detected the domain does not include a mailserver in it's DNS and therefore cannot handle email.
  7. Disposables Addresses: The tool has detected the email address is a disposable address. Disposable addresses are linked to very high rates of bounces and as well fraud as the mailbox is a temporary address that expires after a certain period of time elapses.
  8. Role Accounts: The tool has detected the email address is a role account address. Role accounts are addresses that are associated with a role such as billing@, support@, admin@ and are not associated with a specific person but rather with a company or department. In general they are considered very low quality email addresses as they are easily harvested off the internet and prime targets for spamming. Thus sender with a high amount of role accounts are at high risk for getting suspended by their ESP for using a purchased or harvested list. Blacklist providers such as Spamhaus will even treat any email address sent to a role account as spam as they believe it was used without permission. Role accounts are statistically proven to show an increased rate of spam complaints which will significantly affect your sender reputation in a negative way.
  9. Spam Traps / Honey Pots: The tool has detected this address is a potential spam trap / honey pot. Spam traps / honey pots are a form of fraud management deployed by Internet Service Providers and Blacklist providers to identify spammers. They look like a real email address but simply don't belong to anyone so it can't be used for any communication. Since these addresses would never opt-in to receive email from you, the only way you could send an email to one is if your not maintaining your lists hygiene or if you're not abiding by the permission-based email sending rules. Sometimes you can even be hit with spam traps / honey pots when you have done everything by the book, this is due to providers will even recycle very old email addresses that haven't been used in a long time to be used as a spam trap. Any email sent to these is considered spamming as the user hasn't been active for an extended period of time and therefore unexpected to really opt-in to your list.
  10. Frequent Complainers: The tool has detected this user is considered a frequent complainer and is known to have a high rate of flagging emails as spam. Due to the instant damage that may be caused to your emails inbox placement, we do not recommend sending to Frequent Complainers.
  11. Free Email Service Providers: The tool has detected this email address is on a free email service provider. Free email providers such as GMail, Yahoo, Hotmail and others will provide any user online with a free mailbox. These addresses are generally linked to an increased risk of online fraud. If you have an Ecommerce site or etc, you should further investigate these address types.
  12. Offensive Words: The tool has detected that either the mailbox or domain contains an offensive word. Curse words, aggressive words, and many more are considered offensive to the vast majority. If the email address contains an offensive word, you can quickly determine if this user is in your target audience.
  13. Gibberish Words: The tool has detected that either the mailbox or domain contains gibberish words. Gibberish is considered a string such as "j12hg3pd", where a visitor has hit random keys on the keyboard to create a word. Email addresses containing gibberish words are at a very high risk of bouncing and linked directly to online fraud.
  14. Catchall Configurations: The tool will test for catchall mail servers, which are deliberately configured to accept email regardless if the mailbox exists or not. These mail servers can provide inaccurate results and therefore can not be trusted.
  15. Greylist Configurations: The tool will detect greylisting mail servers, which deploy an anti-spam technique that adds an automatic delay to retry mailing. These mail servers can provide inaccurate results and therefore can not be trusted.

To check if an email is valid / real, simply enter the email address you would like to verify to the Free Email Checker Tool and click the "Check Email" button to start the process

Email Checker - Step 1

All verified addresses will be displayed in the table below the form which includes an Export option to save your verified results in to a CSV file.

Email Checker - Step 2

The Email Checker tool allows up to 10 email address verifications per day. If you consume all your free credits but still need to verify more addresses, please Create an account to continue your use of Bulk Email Checker services.

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