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An online business can be complicated to run. There are many issues that must be considered in order to achieve the best results, sales or services such as budget, computer systems, software, employee needs, overall costs, production and so forth. One of the most complex aspects of an online business that requires the utmost consideration is email address validation; which has proven to be the number one problem online industrialist’s face today. Spam and email daemons and hacked databases are some of the issues faced when emails are not validated. Email validation is a process of identifying if an email address is valid and deliverable. It is important to keep track of any problems with and validate an email address before it is entered into your database to avoid potentially costly problems, and most importantly, customers. Email can be your only form of communication with your customers and it is vital to conduct email validation to be certain you have a valid email address to maintain your relationship with those individuals who have an impact on your bottom line. It is easy for hackers to get into a system to steal business and clients personal information, and it can cost millions in damages for everyone.

Email validation plays a big role in maintaining customers and is a source of good business practices. Online email addresses are valued as business leads which is the very foundation of every business. Data collection procedures that include email verification translate to accurate contact data which helps create marketing opportunities. Email validation improves customer service and reliability of contact information. Email validation translates into making certain your customers are receiving your messages, invoices or newsletters. Also, if you are able to contact your customers regularly, validating email addresses result in targeted sales opportunities for the life of your business.

Internet fraud is the number one reason why most businesses must validate email addresses from prospective customers. In today’s technology age, the majority of fraud activities take place on the Internet through email. Many businesses receive hundreds of emails a day, it is likely that not all of the email addresses used are valid, and in fact they can and are used to commit fraud. It is in the best interest of a business to have an email validation system in place to avoid the pitfalls of Internet fraud and protect themselves and their customers.

There are many ways to effectively validate email addresses. The most common way to validate email addresses is through the use of the email verification software available here at Bulk Email Checker. The Rest API method begins by authenticating an email address at the point of capture, in other words, as soon as the customer starts typing the address into your signup or opt-in form. While verifying the information at the point your customer enters it, the form will let the customer know if they have made a mistake inputting the email address and allows them to correct it before it is placed into your database. As your customer database grows our bulk verification system allows you to import a list of email addresses to validate that they are still active and continue marketing your service or product to the consumer. There are multiple tests performed to validate email addresses are real such as: DNS validation, short for Domain Name System. DNS validation checks to see if the domain actually exists. MX server validation to see if the mail server actually exists. Disposable address filtering to remove any one time email mailboxes. The main test we perform is an SMTP test which is the best way to validate email addresses and is used to reach the domain mail server to manually validate the email addresses.

A complete and accurate email validation service like Bulk Email Checker, is very helpful in ensuring that the email addresses received are safe for a business to enter into their database and continue marketing to. Email validation saves monthly operating costs, and cuts down on the time an owner or employee spends trying to validate emails one by one, Bulk Email Checker can check hundreds of thousands of email addresses at one time. Our email validation system improves employee satisfaction and attitudes helping to avoid the tedious and often times frustrating issues of trying to contact a customer, this improves overall productivity. Bulk Email Checker gives business owners peace of mind in knowing that their email list is up-to-date. It gives business the ability to reconnect with lost customers, and lowers marketing costs.

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