Prevent Email Complaints: 5 Tips

Companys often receive complaints when sending emails. This can range from marketing emails to emails heading straight to spam folders, enabling receivers to not see them. This may cause uproar with ones who are subscribed to your emails or may need help with your site or product. Using these tips will allow you to prevent some email related complaints.


1. Verify Email Addresses
Verifying an email is valid is one of the most important steps to follow in order to prevent receiving bounces and spam complaints. To verify an email, you can use our simple system here at You may have received an incorrect email address directly from the user due to a typo, or the user could have simply deactivated an old email account. With these types of problems communicating every day, verifying email addresses will prevent complaints on the other end if your sending to an email that did not request it. This is just one of the many ways you can prevent being seen as spam and prevent complaints from the users you email.


2. Adding to Contacts
Users may complain that they have never received your email, but in reality, it is simply sitting in their spam box hidden from view. You could ask your customers and newsletter receivers to add your email address to their contact book within their email account. This will help verify emails are from your company and get them to the users inbox. When doing this, you want to post this in the contact section where they find your email on your website, or you should send it along in a small note at the bottom of each email to new receivers. Many companies do this and let their email receivers know that they could possibly be seen as spam.


3. Individually Respond to Each Customer
While this may be a daunting task for large companies, this allows you to not be seen as a spam bot. When you personalize messages, you will have less of a chance of being marked as spam. Responding to everyone is a positive duty because this looks more personable and provides a better connection with the end user. It also allows you to identify whom you are speaking to and is a great customer service technique. This concluding, you will receive fewer complaints with a happy one on one situation. This leads us to another related point: never have multiple people email one customer about one situation. Passing along your customer to multiple people in most cases will not get the situation resolved in a peaceful / non-frustrated manner. Confusion will cause complaints.


4. Always Reply
Another way to prevent complaints is to always reply within a short period of time, addressing each one of their issues. Making customers or readers wait a great amount of time leads to frustration, bad service and most importantly, makes them not want to work with you again. Be courteous and try auto-replying if you know you’re going to be out of the office. Set this for a time where you’re going to be out (such as overnights, weekends, holidays or vacations) Leave another contact if needed when writing the auto-reply template for people with emergency questions.


5. Marketing : The Wrong Way
If you’re a Webmaster for a website of a product that needs marketing, do not use random emails you have bought, found or searched for. This will almost always get your emails marked as spam. If your email is marked as suspicious a certain amount of times, your domain host will receive indication of this and can shut down your website. Only send emails to subscribers or people that have directly requested you to email them, not potential future customers to market your product. This will surely get your email marked as spam and unwanted complaints received. Never try to sell through email unless they have contacted you first and asked about your product. When responding this way, your emails won’t get marked as spam since the receiver has requested the information directly from you.



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