Verify Email Addresses Before Sending

With the vast scope of the internet, people come and go, as does their email addresses used on the web. If your sending emails to email addresses you received some years ago, and have not verified the email is still active and real, there is a good chance that email is long gone and every email you send is actually counting against you rather than getting your email to that user to see. Even if a user simply enters their email and mistypes 1 character, that email will now fail and count against you unless you have verified that email is active and real. Every email you send, should be verified first before ever being sent from your servers.


There are two main reasons why some email addresses simply are not valid.

1. Typos / Wrong Spelling

Sometimes people tend to write their email addresses incorrectly and because of carelessness, your website will now receive a bounced email when sending to that address or maybe even worse. If the address is now in use by another user that did not request your email, it could result in a spam complaint! A single wrong letter, symbol or number could change your mailing lists hygiene.

2. Deactivated Accounts

If the email address is not used for years, it may automatically be deactivated. Sometimes, owners voluntarily deactivate their account because they have created a new one or they just do not use the previous email address anymore.


With the presentation of the above mentioned problems that often occur, it is very important to verify email addresses first at all times. These 3 reasons will make you realize how essential it is to get your emails going to your readers inbox rather than their spam box.


1. Avoid Returning Emails (bounces)

If you send an email to a deactivated or non-existing account, the message you sent will be returned to your address saying that the account is no longer used. This will count against the domain the email was sent from hurting your sender score with every bounced email received, if you try to send to the address repeatedly the mail server could block your domain from sending any mail through their server.


2. Save Effort

If you are going to send it to the wrong or invalid address, your effort of constructing the whole email will be wasted. The energy you have exerted and the struggle to come up with the right set of catchy words to grab the eyes of your reader will be thrown out.


3. Save Time

The time you spend on thinking and setting up your promotions will not be worth as much if all users do not receive it. When you send emails its a must for them to be seen by the intended recipient. Without verifying the emails before sending, your not only partially wasting time, but hurting your sender score as well.


It is indeed very risky to send emails if you are not performing any maintenance on your lists. Always remember that it is important to verify email addresses before sending and know its worth it.

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